Featuring engaging content from handpicked creators, Hideout.tv offers a premium content experience to viewers with minimal ad interruptions. Viewers flock to Hideout.tv daily to watch their favorite creators, and discover new creators as well, enjoying quality content such as cooking recipes, music videos, gaming highlights, celebrity entertainment, and other favorites.
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Key Performance Stats
  • Viewability: 98%
  • AVOC (Audible and Visible on Complete): 70%+
  • Large Player or X-Large Player Rate Rate: 90%+
  • Invalid Traffic Rate (IVT): <1%

Note: Updated quarterly based on 90-day average, MOAT, WhiteOps, and Forensiq measured

Audience Demographics
  • Top Geos: 68.7% US, 9.85% UK, 8.97% CA
  • Gender:70.5% Male, 29.5% Female
  • Movie Lovers
  • Tech Enthusiast
  • 65% Millennials
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The integrity of our owned and operated video property is ensured through proprietary fraud-fighting technology. Featuring nearly ten years of platform data, our technology consistently eliminates the majority of invalid traffic.
In addition, through our ad server, we partner with multiple pre-bid, post-bid, and general anti-fraud vendors to ensure fraud is scanned from all available lenses. A few examples of current third-party partners include MOAT, WhiteOps, and Forensiq.
To learn more about our fraud prevention processes, refer to page 16 of our Ad Kit. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at compliance@hideout.tv.

Brand Safety

From creator approval, to content-quality screening, every step in the video upload process is vetted by our staff to ensure strong brand-safety standards.After content has been approved, we combine a number of manual and automated processes to continually ensure content is in line with brand-safety standards.
To learn more about our brand-safety processes, please refer to page 17 of our Ad Kit. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at compliance@hideout.tv.
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